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Bundamba State Secondary College

Year - 2022 │ Location - Bundamba, Queensland

We acknowledge that students have varied and complex learning needs. The focus for the school was to create a learning-environment where disengaged students could learn, and experience varied and flexible pedagogical-strategies.

The physical layout & furniture installations in the flexi-space facility, allow for a learning-environment that is different to the usual classroom set up. Students learning in the space can engage in activities from flexible seating configurations including sofa seating, bean bags, a corner cove, or normal desks & chairs.

The design of the facility has provided a space where teachers can adjust the environment to suit student engagement. Teachers may select pedagogies depending on the learning activities, student group and expected educational outcomes. Pedagogical-strategies that teachers commonly select to engage students in the flexi-space are focused on practical movement and collaboration which are enhanced by the flexibility of the design.

The design & build of the flexi-space is an important addition to our school site.

We designed a welcoming seemingly open space which are subtly segmented into many differing and individual spaces, used for a variety of uses, pending on what is being taught & in what numbers. This was never meant to be an open 25+ Classroom withone subject being taught to everyone at the same time.

The FlexiSpace facility consists of 3 spaces or ‘zones’:

Zone 1: The Indoor Learning Space

Zone 2: The Semi-Outdoor Learning Space (Extension/Enclosing existing courtyard)

Zone 3: The External Learning Area 

Generally, all are nature inspired with natural finishes and colour palettes with differing ceiling heights and finishes, encouraging natural light and cross ventilation. They also have engaging elements and finish which creates sensory areas.

Commendation :  Learning Environments Australasia -  Queensland Awards 2022 for Small Projects Value Under AU$2 Million

Photos are courtesy of Bundamba State Secondary College & Nick Reddaway of Reddaway Media.

Located on the land of the Jagera peoples.