At Giarola Architects we are committed to ensure building projects reach their full design potential. Since our establishment in 1992, we have worked on a diverse range of building projects including schools, universities, childcare centres, office buildings, shopping complexes, hotels, clubs, houses and unit blocks.


Our friendly and professional team of architects are devoted to satisfy all of your architectural needs. That is why, we fulfil the standard roles and duties of architects, but also offer other services which you won’t find at many other architecture firms.



The Giarola Architects team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in architectural concepts, design, documentation and construction, and we are always seeking to further our skills and capabilities. Each team member’s practical experience is complemented by the appropriate architectural-related tertiary qualifications.


Because we are an experienced architectural firm, we are often the preferred architects for complex, large-scale building projects, as well as smaller developments because the principal is heavily involved with each and every project. We provide a much more personalised service than other larger architectural companies while mantaining top quality results. Currently, we are registered with Project Services (Building & Assets Services), carry the required insurances, and are PQC3 rating.

Our reputation for excellence is not only built on the fact that we combine beauty, originality and functionality within our designs, but also on the fact that we treat each project as importantly as if it were our own. We work closely with our clients and any relevant advisory groups, ensuring all suggestions and design requirements are considered and successfully integrated.
The entire process is a collaborative team effort, a method which has always achieved innovative, budget-conscious and stylish design solutions for all our clients. From designing fresh new buildings to extensions and refurbishments, our team has a vast work history that spans a wide range of architectural fields.

Each individual project is not only testament to our unique design capabilities, but also provides us with a wealth of experience from which we can draw. We always stay ahead of industry trends, continually developing our abilities so all our clients can rest assured they are receiving only the very best architectural services.
Our firm is proud member of the Australian Institute of Architects and certified PQC3.