CommercialUBX Newport

UBX Newport

Year - 2023 │ Location - Newport, Queensland

Unleash your power at the brand new UBX Newport!

This is the latest of many other UBX we've had the pleasure of designing. The fit out is crafted to fuel your adrenaline and push your limits. From the moment you step in, the high energy atmosphere will pump you up for powerful HIIT workouts.

Every aspect of UBX's architecture is tailored to empower your performance. Dynamic training zones, impactful lighting, and an immersive environment come together to amplify your determination and dedication. With a layout designed for the unique UBX workouts, you'll have the space and tools to unleash your strength and resilience. Feel the rush as you conquer the bags and conquer your fitness journey. Are you ready to rise to the challenge? 

Videos and photos are courtesy of UBX Newport